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Clontarf Marina

A revamp of not only the Marina but an exciting addition to the lovely area of Clontarf, Sandy Bear Café. With the café nestled on the shore side of the marina it offers a superb spacious seating area where you can either duck in for a quick coffee before work or book yourself a table for you and some friends to sit in the sun and try Sandy Bear’s array of beautiful seafood.

The marina is located at Sydney’s most prestigious & beautiful location of Sandy Bay on the north eastern shore of Middle Harbour, before the Spit Bridge. Clontarf Marina is a rare find, where you can have all your boating services managed by the one experienced team. Due to the location in the north east corner of the bay, the marine is naturally protected from all weather directions.

During construction we’ve added in elements of both a spacious café & the essentials a marina needs to function. In doing so we’ve created a family friendly, comfortable space that offers beautiful views, great food & a sun filled area for members of the marina & new comers.

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